About the Lotus Flower

Ever wondered why the Lotus Sutra and not the Rose Sutra?

In 1971, ancient lotus seeds dating 1,400 – 3,000 years old were excavated, when given the right conditions, these seeds were able to germinate and thrive. The lotus is such a wonderful plant with strong vitality. In the same spirit the seeds of Buddhahood will sprout without fail as long as one believes in the Lotus Sutra regardless of time.

Also, the lotus grows in muddy ponds. It takes root in the muddy soil, lengthening its stalk to bloom on the water surface. The muddy waters do not spoil the flower’s beauty and purity. This is akin to the truth that by struggling amidst the muddy reality can we make our own life flowers bloom beautifully.

Another unique characteristic of the lotus is that its flowers and fruit grow simultaneously. This teaches the principle of cause and effect. Just like how the lotus flower and fruit appear at the same time, the cause we create now can manifest itself (effect) at the same moment.

The lotus encompasses the teachings of the Lotus Sutra; it is such an incredible plant!