Essays by Scholars

“The Lotus Sutra – A Message of Peace and Harmonious Coexistence” Exhibition has been held in different countries and territories around the world. Here are some key messages from world renowned scholars to honour and celebrate the efforts behind the exhibition.

A call to global citizens

“The Lotus Sutra teaches that the Buddha nature is inherent in all living beings and can manifest itself in reality. Based on this intrinsic equality of all human beings, the concept of peaceful coexistence can be developed. While expounding the eternal Buddha and the eternal Dharma as the life force of the universe, the sutra describes how global citizens can contribute to the creation of world peace, symbolized by the special qualities and activities of Bodhisattvas appearing in it.”

Daisaku Ikeda
Founder of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy and President of the Soka Gakkai International

Fruits of the works by many heroes

“The Buddhist scriptures we view today are the fruits of the works by many unknown heroes. These are not only archeological relics but also accomplishments of innumerable people with their wisdom, faith and hope. I cannot but feel the characters or script left on each fragment demonstrate the very life force of human beings.”

Jao Tsung-i
Emeritus professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Lotus Sutra allows us to develop our potential to the fullest

“In the parables for which the sutra is famous - that of the burning house, the lost son, the medicinal herbs and above all that of the jewel sewn in the lining of the robe - we see the Buddha behaving like a father or a kindly friend to human beings, leading them bit by bit to the goal of full enlightenment.”

Burton Watson
Former Professor at Columbia University and translator of The Lotus Sutra

The Lotus Sutra revolutionized traditional Buddhist thought

“The Lotus Sutra, however, introduced quite a new way of thinking: that human beings are essentially free, and they can blaze the trail for their future course and change their own fate. This innovative thought expounded in the Lotus Sutra has led people to spiritual liberation.”

M.I. Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya
The Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences

A philosophy that celebrates diversity

“The preaching of the sutra is to benefit all people equally, without any class or other distinctions. It is to look upon all as universally equal, without a mind of favors or hate, greed or attachment. It is a recognition of diversity, and of treasuring the individual.”

Lokesh Chandra
Director of the International Academy of Indian Culture